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Applying For Or Renewing A U.S. Passport For International Travel

Updated: May 1, 2023

Traveler holding a U.S. Passport at the airport

American citizens looking to travel outside the United States must have a valid U.S. passport. Passport application requirements can change at any time. For the latest information, please visit

Apply or renew early if you want to travel internationally within the next 12 months. Check the latest turnaround times before booking international travel to be sure you can get a passport in time.

Already have a passport? Double-check the expiration date before you book your next international trip! Many countries require six months of validity after the date of your RETURN flight. You can be denied boarding when leaving the U.S. if you don’t have sufficient validity remaining on your passport.

For example: if your trip departs September 16th and returns September 26th, 2023, your passport should not expire after March 26, 2023.

Expedited processing options that you may have used in the past may not be available at this time or may have much longer timelines.

Urgent/Emergency travel passport appointments are limited⁣ and may require proof of emergency circumstances. Call 1-877-487-2778 to make an Emergency Travel appointment.

In-person appointments are required at a passport acceptance facility for new passport applications. New applications and renewals for children 16 and under require in-person appointments with both parents present or a notarized document from the parent who cannot appear in person.


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